apparel & graphic design for esports organisations

dominik "dommy art" surmann

og esports - 2020 & 2021

i‘ve joined the og esports team as their first full time in-house designer. my work mostly consisted on social media graphics such as match updates, giveaway animations and creations for the community such as wallpapers. i‘ve also been responsible for product designs, merchandise, internal projects such as invoice templates and many unreleased projects. later i was a part of the rebranding from blue to anthracite. after my full time position came to an end, we stayed in good faith and worked together on various contract works for unreleased projects.

immortals gamers club - 2021

immortals relocated operations from los angeles to the great lakes region. therefore, it was clear that we wanted to welcome the change with a completely new approach to their social media appearance and merchandise, as well as the pro kit. the pro jersey featured the new heavy contrast colors of the team: pink and green were heavily used in gradients, teal was used as the secondary and detailing color. we opted to have a raglan cut hoodie as the small merch line. i‘ve created the type with the northern lights for an easy screen print.

team liquid marvel - 2020

i‘ve had the pleasure to work with damian estrada (now 100 thieves) on the official marvel wandavision jerseys. i‘ve created the design of both jerseys, as well as the secondary logos that can be seen on the chestpiece. the vision jersey was supposed to have a modern, technical & electric look. we went for an soft ombre look for the scarlet witch jersey.

excel esports - 2020

robin mccammon, previous executive at adidas, contacted me before the 2021 lec season to work on excel‘s rebranding for their seasonal apparel line. i‘ve designed the pro jersey, the academy jersey, the quarter zip and the trackpants. the jersey was heavily inspired by the six colors of the rebranding, as they‘re making out to be the outline of the giant x. we opted for a raglan cut so the x could go around the sleeves without any disruptions. the dark parts are defined by a seamless pattern that was made out of the shapes of the new excel logo.

cooler esports - 2020

i worked with cooler back in 2020. they contracted me to make a few jersey designs, which sadly didn‘t conclude to become their official design for the season.

team secret - 2019

one of my first big projects. i‘ve initially designed the jersey to be raglan, which then was changed into a standard fit. the shapes of the iconic secret logo were adopted to make a full black and white two tone jersey, in contrast to the previous shades of grey. the jersey was voted to be one of the top 5 best jerseys by multiple news outlets, and to this day, probably my most recognized piece.

team spirit - 2019

team spirit contracted me to create a jersey design mid 2019, but sadly we never went into production as they‘ve switched to supplier nike, who doesn‘t let third parties have a say in the design.

panda global - 2019

i worked with panda global back in 2019. they contracted me to make a few jersey designs, which sadly didn‘t conclude to become their official design for the season.

fokus clan - 2019

stark esports initially wanted me to vectorize their existing jersey to make them texture ready for fifa 2020. when we started, we quickly realized we could revamp it fully, so we started working on the pro jersey, as well as a full team kit for fifa and the longsleeve goalkeeper kit. the simple design was made with the styled cuffs in mind, as back then, the 45° shape was a heavy design element in their ci. i was offered a full time art director role, but didn‘t accept since i didn‘t want to relocate.

vici gaming - 2019

back in 2019, vici contact me stating i‘ve hit the nail on the head with my concept and they would like to purchase the rights off me. i went for a completely new approach for their team, changing things up from round to very agressive shapes on the lower half of the kit, and the shoulders. the vici jersey was also featured in fifa 20, next to the fokus clan jersey.

rogue - 2018

my first tier 1 client. we‘ve worked out various jersey designs for the 2020 season, but with rogue‘s shift in ci, they went a different road for the new season.

sprout - 2018

i‘ve done various jersey designs for sprout at the start of my journey in esports, but sadly my designs weren‘t picked and they‘ve opted to stay with what they got for another two years.